Protecting the Environment


We have a deep appreciation for the environment around us, and we know others do as well.

We’re not only aware of our impact on the environment — we’re working hard to reduce it, and in some instances, make it better. From lowering greenhouse-gas emissions to protecting water quality and preserving wildlife habitats, we’re constantly looking for ways to ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy the world around them.

Our goal is to always comply with the letter of the law and to act consistently with our core values. Those include ethics — which requires not only compliance with laws and regulations, but also avoiding harm to people and the environment. While we always aim to meet our legal and regulatory obligations, we set our sights higher than mere compliance.

Our strategy to improve our environmental performance relies on an environmental management system, or EMS. The EMS is built on 12 corporate standards that set company-wide expectations for environmental compliance and stewardship. These standards provide the framework to manage, track, and improve the company’s environmental record. The EMS describes roles and responsibilities throughout all levels of the workforce because we recognize that clearly defined duties for our employees and leaders are essential for fostering accountability.